Intercultural Training: Doing Business in Russia, Kazakhstan or Belarus

Intercultural training „Doing business in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus“

Learning objectives of intercultural training "Doing business in Russia, Kazakhstan or Belarus"

In this training programme the participants will:
• Learn how to proactively recognize and avoid cross-cultural misunderstandings,
• Develop individual solutions for the real life challenges through business simulations and case studies,
• Get substantial information about the system of values and mentality in Russia, Kazakhstan or Belarus
• Learn how to build trust and how to network successfully,
• Learn how to cope with culture shock and to adapt to the new cultural environment in Russia, Kazakhstan or Belarus.

Business relevant key topics of the intercultural training programme for Russia, Kazakhstan or Belarus

• The styles of communication and negotiation in Kazakhstan,
• Understanding of “team play” in Kazakhstan and effective ways to motivate Russian, Kazakh and Belorussian team members,
• Leadership styles, decision-making and problem-solving,
• Conflict management and criticism in business environment.

Everyday life relevant key topics of the intercultural training programme for Russia, Kazakhstan or Belarus

• Personal safety, housing, shopping, banking, health care, child care, leisure time activities, religion, establishing friendships, entertaining and sightseeing, etc,
• Business and social etiquette.

Hands-on solutions through well-balanced mix of training methods

• The participants analyse cross-cultural misunderstandings on the basis of practice-oriented case studies and critical incidents,
• The participants develop individual strategies of problem-solving in role-plays and simulations.
The participants benefit from both KNOW-WHY inputs (understanding) and KNOW-HOW inputs (practical use) which I swap flexibly for the best learning results.


Individual needs assessment: with the help of a questionnaire I adjust the training programme according to the individual needs and expectations of the participants.

Intercultural trainer and country expert (Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Belarus)

Dr. Irina Baeuerle

Portrait für die Web-Site_FarbeDr. Irina I. Baeuerle is a certified intercultural trainer and consultant on intercultural business communication.

She has been knowledge management and market research consultant at Volkswagen AG and uses her experience in russian-german projects for the design of interactive training frameworks.

Through her corporate and international business experience in russian-german projects and deep understanding of east-european culture Dr. Baeuerle delivers a comprehensive, highly effective interactive training approach.

Whereas many experts merely aim to just heighten sensitivity and discuss theoretical issues, Irina goes several steps further to another level: she shows the practical business implications of these insights—enabling participants to implement the tools they learned within their organization for immediate, tangible results within their organisations.

Irina Baeuerle holds a PhD and a Magister Degree of intercultural business communication from the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena (Germany) and a Diploma of intercultural communication from Moscow State Pedagogical Lenin University (Russian Federation).

Irina Baeuerle conducts interactive trainings and  seminars on

  • intercultural effective cooperation
  • team collaboration in East Europe
  • global leadership development ans change management
  • negotiation and conflict management in Russia, Kazakstan and Belarus,
  • intercultural marketing in Russian Federation

Training languages: Russian (native speaker), German (C2 DAF ), English (C1 BEC Higher, ESOL).

Please do not hesitate to contact me to get detailed references and to discuss your individual needs.