Deutsch-Russische Konflikte – German-Russian conflicts

Nov 25th, 2013 | By | Category: Interkulturelles Blog

A new article by Irina Baeuerle has been recently published in the 40th (October) edition of the magazine on public management of the State Lomonosov University in Moscow:

The full title of the article is:

„Effective Intercultural Communication and Conflict Management in German-Russian Cooperation. Implications for Private and Public Enterprises in Russian Federation“.

This paper raises several questions about the important role of intercultural communication management both in private and public enterprises in Russian Federation, focusing on the central issue of (inter)cultural competence as an integral part of intercultural conflict management. Among these questions are: What barriers to communication in Russian-German cooperation are essential? What tools and interventions can be identified to overcome cultural barriers to effective communication on the organisational and on the individual levels? This paper attempts to addresses these questions by showing the interrelation between intercultural communication management and intercultural conflict management and by providing the analysis of some relevant conflict factors toeffective German – Russian cooperation.

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